What we do

We’re a bespoke software development and machine learning company based in Bristol, UK. We provide contract development services for JVM-based projects involving microservice architectures that have some need for scalable, productionised machine learning: recommenders, search intent classification and results optimisation, data augmentation, fraud detection, and analytics. In addition to JVM fluency with Scala, Kotlin and Java and DL4J, we’re also really comfortable using Python-based machine learning solutions using scikit-learn, Tensorflow and PyTorch. And we’re cloud-first. But we’ve also helped out clients with web sites, frontend development, embedded applications and projects using many other technologies. Contact us to find out whether we could work with you!

How we work

We love well-crafted software, and we love delighted clients. So we strive to be great to work with, and to be great at what we do. We prefer up-to-date but proven technologies and delivery platforms, short delivery cycles and lots of customer involvement, and we stay abreast of the latest thinking in software development techniques (and testing – we love testing too!). We can create the most appropriate solutions for our clients’ needs. Since we usually work with many other organisations to successfully deliver a project, we’re pragmatic and flexible about everything except delivering quality work. We like to listen, advise where appropriate and learn all the time. We want to help make projects succeed.

Company registration details

Tsamma Limited, Company no. 08008368, Registered in England and Wales

49 Station Road
East Sussex
BN26 6EA

Contact us at info@tsamma.com